JUNE 19th-26th: National SkillsUSA Leadership Conference


I had an amazing time at SkillsUSA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. There were a lot of airport shenanigans as well as hotel fun.


Lots of cute snaps on the airplane and at the airport.












13717942_10205000014559608_172541488_oI spent a majority of my time setting up and presenting my project with two other people. We had lots of fun meeting new people and spent so much time together that we ended up getting on each others nerves. In the end, I was pretty happy with how our project turned out. However, we were pretty exhausted by the end of the week.

Thankfully, we had the best Krispy Kreme donuts to save the day!




Models of Excellence Dinner

We had a lot of good food at the Models of Excellence Dinner at the Kentucky Derby. It was one of the main highlights of my trip!


I also had a lot of fun hanging out with the Texas delegation and voting with them on the last day of NSLC. Even though I was coerced into waking up early to help be a replacement for a delegate.


This was the Texas Delegation marching around before the Awards Ceremony. Also, we got to rep our state with stereotypical Texas cowboy hats.



So incredibly proud of our chapter for winning the Models of Excellence Award which is one of the highest honors that SkillsUSA chapter can receive.  There was a lot of hard work involved to achieve this award. 13502984_10157025826940591_2337684219526336238_o

We ended with a silver win, which we were slightly disappointed about but cheered nonetheless.

Our trip home was bittersweet. I had a blast at my last NLSC and I have to say that I owe a lot to SkillsUSA. Nevertheless, I was glad to be home.


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New Additions to the Blog

The new Fashion section will be posts of my occasional OOTDs or something along those lines.. (very tumblr-y.. I feel)

There’s now an Opinions section which will be focused on….. my opinions, obviously. There should be a new post in this section coming very soon.

I have a Reviews section where I will give my person in-depth review on a new product or thing that I’ve tried out.

I now have a Travel section which will be journal-like with lots of pictures to follow each of my new trips. This probably will not be updated very frequently since I don’t particularly love traveling and I don’t travel very much. I may update you on a Seattle trip that I had a couple of weeks ago. I may also post my trip to Louisville, Kentucky which I will leave for in a couple of weeks. Around mid-August, I will be going to Hawaii. Thus, there are several posts that you can still look forward to.