New Additions to the Blog

The new Fashion section will be posts of my occasional OOTDs or something along those lines.. (very tumblr-y.. I feel)

There’s now an Opinions section which will be focused on….. my opinions, obviously. There should be a new post in this section coming very soon.

I have a Reviews section where I will give my person in-depth review on a new product or thing that I’ve tried out.

I now have a Travel section which will be journal-like with lots of pictures to follow each of my new trips. This probably will not be updated very frequently since I don’t particularly love traveling and I don’t travel very much. I may update you on a Seattle trip that I had a couple of weeks ago. I may also post my trip to Louisville, Kentucky which I will leave for in a couple of weeks. Around mid-August, I will be going to Hawaii. Thus, there are several posts that you can still look forward to.