Farewell, Consol

It just seems suitable to write a final post to my wonderful school. However, more so, I have begun to realize that it hasn’t been just the old building that is Consol that has affected my life, but rather the people that make up this school. I don’t think my times of high school would have been nearly so happy if I had gone to CSHS.

Jill Faith, Bart Taylor, Matt Young: Thank you guys for being amazing teachers. You guys have continuously supported me in every endeavor. I’m not going to say much here because I’m still working on your letters and I hope to get them to you guys soon.

Lindner, thank you for being my English teacher. You’ve taught me how to write rhetorical analysis as well as things that I need to know for life in general. This blog owes it all to you as well. At times, your mandatory prompts were the only thing keeping this blog alive.

Stephanie Palazzolo: My little Chicago bean, I’m going to miss you dearly. You’ve been my best friend since forever ago when we were awkward little prepubescent teens all the way to now where we are still awkward high school graduates. Thank you for being there when times are tough and thank you for putting up with me. Most importantly, thanks for all the fun times at Consol.

Administrators: I’m not going to lie… sometimes you guys really frustrated me. It felt like a lot of times you guys cared more about implementing the rules than the logical decisions for your students. However, nevertheless, thanks for keeping Consol running and thanks for trying to keep our school as safe as possible (even though academic success really was a waste of time for a lot of us)

Lunch Ladies & Janitors: Thank you guys for always providing for us and always cleaning up after us. I can’t imagine the struggles of having to deal with so many rowdy high schoolers. In fact, I know many of these high schoolers haven’t always shown the respect that you guys deserve. I hope you know how much we all appreciate your hard work.

Consol, thank you for being my school for the past four years. I’ve had the best of times and worst of times at this school. Farewell, Consol…



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