And, Commence…

Think back to when you first entered the doors of Consol… maybe you were a scared young freshman or you were confident and careless. Three years later, you’re probably now a more confident older senior or maybe you’re now a less confident more worried senior. Nevertheless, you all are still here sitting before me, and you must have done something right to get here. It could be that you finally decided that.. “yeahhh, you should probably turn in that final thesis despite not having read a single one of the English novels in the past three years”or maybe “you’ve haven’t slept in the past three years with the idea that that’s what was necessary to get to this place.” Obviously, we’re all here, and it doesn’t matter how we got here, but that we are.

We’re all about to embark into an adult life journey–another step into the future.  For some that may mean you’re going to keep doing what you’ve been doing. For other people, you’re about to enter a whole new world that you’ve never even imagined of. What I say today may mean nothing to you, but I was forced to write this so here we go. As we continue the journey of our lives, changes are going to occur no matter what. How we deal with changes shows who we really are as people.

The continuing theme for the 2016 graduating class has been the word “Legendary.” With this word in mind, as we leave high school, we need to continue to instill this idea into our lives. We have the power to be something and to be someone. From here, we need to go into the world with the mindset that we will make an impact each and every day

Recently, I wrote a letter to my past self with some advice about entering freshman year in high school. Here are some of the thoughts that I had written:

You’re going to receive a lot of rejection in the next couple of years. Failure and rejection doesn’t define who you are. Your grades and your extracurricular activities don’t define who you are. Even your friends don’t define who you are. You’re going to make new friends and you’re going to lose friendships. I’m sorry to say, but people are going to backstab you. Accept it, move on, and don’t become a bitter person. The things worth keeping will always find their way back to you, and what is cut out wasn’t meant to be a part of your life anymore. That is okay. Once again, some people are not meant to be a part of your life. You may not recognize it then, but the realization will come to you sooner or later.

Your parents love you. They may show it in different ways, but they always mean well. Listen to their advice! I know you’re probably thinking that you can figure things out the way you always do, and you’re right… you can. But, it’ll save you a whole lot of trouble if you follow your parents’ advice from the start because you’re more than likely to backtrack at some point.

Please continue to be that loving and cheery person that you are. Don’t change who are as a result of other people’s inability to understand you. You’re a sweet soul at the end of the day. Once again, please don’t ever change that. Believe in yourself. What other people think isn’t going to change who you are. Try to make new friends, to take new adventures, to worry less and share the person that you are to others. Continue to bring laughter into people’s lives.

I know you’re the type of person that hates holding regret, and there will be many regrets made in high school. Continue the mindset of letting your regrets go, and recognizing that there’s no use in dwelling on what you cannot change. You’re going to get a whole heck-ton amount of advice from a lot of people, but listen to your heart and mind.

These same ideas should be taken into consideration as we embark on our journey after high school. Wherever you go and whatever you end up doing, keep in mind that your life is worth something and you’ve obviously made it this far with this accomplishment. In conclusion, I just want to say, “Congratulations to us all!” Good night.


2 thoughts on “And, Commence…

  1. bigredpoet says:

    This better not be a real thing!
    “yeahhh, you should probably turn in that final thesis despite not having read a single one of the English novels in the past three years”


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