Making A Scene

Here’s the scene: You’re in a train station. A train arrives, but it’s not the one you’re waiting for. As you watch a few people come and go, you notice a strange scene in the last car of the train. Only two people are inside–a young man and an older woman. They appear to be having a very animated discussion. The young man is clutching a large box to his chest. The woman is wearing a bizarre hat and holding a large map, which she continues to turn this way and that.

I stand there silently. My brim hat covers the entirety of my face, but I can see into all of the cars of each of the trains that zoom by. A train comes to a stop into the station, and as it gears to slow down, I notice two figures looming in the final car. A young man stands there clutching a large box to his chest; meanwhile, woman wearing a bizarre hat and holding a large map continues to turn this way and that. I recognize the two people. In fact, I was sent out from my agency to get a job done. Obviously, they were clueless.

Quickly, I gather my briefcase and hop onto the last car, much to the dismay of the people on the train. As soon as the young man and woman spot me, they go silent. I chuckle to myself as the looks of surprise cross their faces. These two were taught to keep a neutral expression as they worked out in the field, but obviously, they had trouble doing so as soon as they saw me.

“Veronia,” the man whispered, “Nice seeing you around.” Before either of them could move, I quickly grab the box and make a jump off of the train back into the station right as the train begins to move again. Before I exit the station, I spot the two in my peripheral vision– they attempt to regain their bearings before beginning their chase after me. I run up to the front of the station to see my driver waiting for me.

I smirk as I see the two trailing behind my car in their attempt to catch me. The front of my car begins to rumble and it explodes. The explosion sends me and the box flying out. “Ugh,” I groan– going to end up with a concussion. The man and woman run up to grab the box after handcuffing me. Before I slip out of consciousness from my head injury, I whisper to them, “Good job Agents. You’ve passed the test… although could’ve done without the explosive shenanigan.”



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