I’m still a Disney Kid at Heart…

Review: Descendants

Yes, I am 17 years old (almost an adult), but I still love Disney movies. As much as I love the whole stereotypical Disney Princess storylines, I’ve never truly related to those girls in the way that some girls grow up with the aspiration of being a “princess.” However, the long winter break along with the completion of college apps has led me to begin watching random recent Disney works including Descendants.

At first, the childlike costumes were a bit of a turn-off, but very quickly I became engrossed in the storyline just like any other Disney movie. The characters that this movie focused on were the children of the Disney villains including Cruella de Vil’s son, Maleficent’s daughter, Jafar’s son, and The Evil Queen’s daughter. They’ve spent years imprisoned on an island with their parents as a result of the cruel acts their parents committed. After a new decree by the soon-to-be king (Belle & the Beast’s son), these select children are welcomed to the kingdom’s school. However, the children arrive at the school with the plan to wreak havoc, and the audience watches in anticipation wondering if they will overcome the influence of their parents’ evil.


Before I began watching this movie, I searched up the movie trailer on YouTube. As per usual, there were several skeptics complaining about the cliche storyline before they had even seen the movie. The perspective of the movie with a plot following supposedly villainous characters was fairly refreshing. Though the ending (I won’t spoil it) may be deemed cliche or expected, I believe that’s the best part of all Disney movies– the satisfaction of your expectation for a happy ending.

Like most other movies, there were still some plot holes left at the end of the movie. Though these plot holes left a few musings and questions on my mind, the happy ending compensated and brushed those away. Similarly, the overarching themes of this movie really highlighted the happy ending. The best part about these themes is their relatability– touching on subjects like friendship, love, parent-child relationships, independence, adapting to change, and forgiveness.



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