How To: Mac & Cheese

Enjoy one of my personal favorites–an easy mac & cheese recipe for dinner tonight and how I choose to make it.

Ingredients & Materials: Macaroni Elbow Pasta, Water, Pot, Strainer, Shredded Cheese, Cheese Slices, Salt, Milk

Step 1: Fill pot up with water and place on the stove


Step 2: Cover pot, turn stove on high, and wait for water to reach a rolling boil


Step 3: Pour out elbow pasta into boiling water.



Step 4: Cook the macaroni for approximately 8 minutes or until the pasta gets soft.


Step 5: Put the cooked pasta through a strainer to drain the excess water out.

image   image

Step 6: Add in milk, cheese, salt or any other ingredients to your likening and mix.

image                        image

Step 7: Stir well until all cheese has melted and combined. Enjoy your meal!


**Disclaimer: This simple recipe does not create the most aesthetic dish; however, this mac & cheese is still quite delicious in my opinion**






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