“I’m depressed,”

You often hear that phrase thrown about.

And pause to think…

Depressed about what?

The new shoes that you couldn’t get because they were sold out

Or, the C you got on your last exam.

You’re skinny, smart, and pretty;

What’s there to be depressed about?

Maybe that’s not what she really means…

Thrown into a society where depression means a clinical disease

In a world where the most trivial of things can cause you to be,

“Omg sooo depressed.”

And really it’s not even all that.

What she means is she’s just sad

And, not because that last pair of shoes were out of stock

Or because the grades she got were not at the top.

The only real explanation is a three letter word, two consonants, one vowel.

Sad. Not mad. Not bad. Just sad.

And really in this society, it’s not even the I-can’t-get-out-of-my-bed-because-moving-is-too-hard sad

Because that’s only for weekends and the movies.

And it’s really not the my-pet-dog-died sad.

Like I said, in the movies you see.

Prime example of Marley and Me

It’s just the eyes-glazed-over sad

The sad when you get when you feel like the most alone person in a crowded room.

When you have to be the one to listen to everyone else’s problems, but suddenly yours become an inconvenience.

Those conversations where there’s nothing you can do, but nobody wants to hear about them too.

All the feelings of being used, and always the one asking, “How are you?”

And when they finally choose to question you, all you can say is “I’m fine too…”


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