Music for My Soul : AP IV BLOG PROMPT

I typically either love a song that someone else shows me or I have no care for it at all. My three comments are from the same prompt which relates to music. In my opinion, music is always relevant to people, and it’s nice to hear about people’s favorites and how they interpret it or what makes it special to them even if I’m not particularly familiar with it.

Keep the Wolves Away

The author of this blog post describes a song called “Keep The Wolves Away” by Uncle Lucius which she finds particularly beautiful despite not being her favorite. She describes the sad realistic background behind the song. As she pinpoints some key lyrics, she explains that she truly loves this song.

Good Good Father

The author talks about how she finds strength through music like the song “Good Good Father.” Despite the many struggles throughout her life, music has been a source of joy. She describes how this song reminds her of God’s love and how that reminder has been important.

Some Music

The author describes the song “Hall of Fame” by The Script which is a commonly known song, but the post goes into greater detail about the song’s music video. The author also outlines the central message and its importance as well as analysis of specific lyrics.


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