Have a Nice Life

Have a Nice Life


Hello friend?

Wait, should I say ex-friend?

No, I don’t know if I can even call you that.

After all the things that you’ve done,

No true friend would have begun

Good riddance to you.

Have a nice life.

Did you even feel sorry after you broke me up?

Any remorse in your soul when you left me alone?

Do you ever stare into the eyes of your best friend and wonder what they truly want?

Do you ever wake up at night and feel absolutely alone?

Do you ever lay in bed and wonder why you just can’t mentally move your body?

Do you ever question the intentions of every one of your friends?

Congrats. That’s what you’ve done to me.

Definition: Friend. A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

No.. I suppose not. Not when you were able to treat me the way you did

I suppose I should’ve realized by now…

The first time you accused me of stealing your boyfriend

Or the second time you called me a slut to my best friend

Or the third time you destroyed my one true passion

Or the fourth time you stomped all over me, not even just my feet

I should’ve realized.

It’s like holding a handheld gun.

You’ve set off the trigger

Little did I realize that you are the trigger.

And the bullet and the gun.

In chemistry class, I learned to reduce elements

You’ve taught me that you can reduce people too

To make them feel like pieces of trash and dirt.

Dirt. Dirt. Dirt

Like Ants that crawl through the dirt.

That’s you…

Not caring what you break along the way

Focused solely on what you can do to achieve

Not caring who you stomp along the way

Is self-satisfaction of hurting people that deserving?

I’m so glad I was your friend because if that’s what you can do to me,

What would you do to an enemy?

I don’t need your toxic shock anymore

So toxic that a BSL-4

May not even suffice.

Every comment and action I make and do

The whites of your eyes I can see too

As your eyes roll to the back of your head

Did you think that I’m blind?

Careful.. they might get stuck.

The cold glare and hard stares

Have done their share.

You happy now?

So good bye to you.

Have a nice life.

I would say it was nice knowing you, but truly it wasn’t

At least I’ve learned my lesson,

Now I just need to reverse half of the damage and its essence

You may think you’ve won and maybe you actually have

But, truly you’ve lost a whole lot more to get to that place

Think the worst of me as you please

I really don’t care anymore. Just leave me be

Maybe you’ll eventually see

This is all a loss to you and you’ll plea

Good Bye. Have a Nice Life.


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