My Problems Are Not Your Problems, But We Are One and the Same

**Disclaimer: This was probably one of the first pieces of slam poetry that I ever wrote. It was for an English class years back. I hope you enjoy.

My Problems are Not Your Problems, But We Are One and the Same


Lines run

Side to side like train tracks

Metal chafing in

Numbness boils through

Not like vegetables boiling

Or the tea kettle preparing for a brew

But one that goes deeper than all emotion

And, a numbness of one all alone

A deafening silence within–

“You can tell everybody”

But truly, you just can’t

Drinking in air

Air of survival

Air of pain

Nothingness that can succumb to this survival

Death runs deep in the life of your heart

Ironic or not

I can surely shout

“I wanna scream and shout and let it all out”

But no one really answers

So rather I yell at myself

A muffled internal scream of help

Those that understand

Cannot really stand straight

A painful awareness of the truth

Lines that run deep in our souls

Invisible strands within us all

Interconnected by the galaxies afar

Like the stars within her eyes,

Mirroring her soul inside

Moving past the universe

Into the substantial world

With fulfillment from materialistic substance

Is this all you truly want from this life?

“All my life I want money and power”

Eventually, that’s all that will be left

We are all one and the same

Trying to find a way with our own name

But, when we move past all that

The worldly obsessions

Grow in our hearts like a moldy sandwich left in a lunch bag

Oh, pressures of temptation

A remedy only from church

But, as the children’s rhyme goes a little like this

Here is the church, here is the steeple

Open the doors

See all the people

The people, all one and the same

A place of beauty and safety

Place of joyous songs of praise

Oh, and did I mention the judgmental glares

Condescendingly watching you as if they were above

In the seat to the left of the Lord, himself

No? I suppose that we all hold that certain pride

Because we are all one and the same

There are those that can set jokes aside

And those that can see through the fake

But, whether there is message or not

Is up to you to decide

If this is one laughing matter

Then laugh as you may please

After all, we truly need the laughter

To turn this world around

Before we all die, buried to lie

All with a bit of sorrow and shame

But, alas, a hope for joy and strength to remain

As we are all one and the same

So, whether you’re living in the world

Or with your soul supposedly above

Just remember that we are the same

My problems are not your problems

We don’t even share a place

If you reach out past this blockade

You may travel throughout that line of time

But, the world does not ignorantly wait

If you move past the world of profane

And, open your eyes to the complexity of the galaxy

Give in to what they believe to be imaginary

Move past the numb and pain–

“Say something I’m giving up on you”

If you are able to move past that stage

Then, now it’s up to you to make a change


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