Reposted Poem: Life’s A Painter

Life’s a painter


Thick paint globs over my black tray
The colors swirl, dissolving away
Till tiny beads of water remain
Like the droplets of rain that cascade
the force of nature is insane.
A shower of metal– bullets that ricochet

Straight into my life. Into my soul, out through my heart.
A clean cut, no longer apart.

You began that fake plastic glob of paint
The false hope blanketing fate
Suffering and pain is what you made.

Maybe I had needed the paint to overlay
But once I realized that the colors are not here to stay
I must say
I’m glad I told you to go away.

No longer do I seek for the coarse brush bristles to cover
For I have already found a shelter.
Far far away
In another depth of display.
And, here…I have chosen to remain
Here’s why I’m meant to stay.


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