Reposted Poem: Inspired by Feel Again

This is an old poem from my old blog that I felt like posting over here on this blog. I’ll be reposting several of my old poems soon so feel free to check them out!

Feeling again–Inspired by one Republic’s song, Feel again


inside outside
heavy on the heart
nothing to feel
numbness from within
scritch scratch here we go.
machine like grinding, factories forego
I’m stuck inside the glass box of life
outside that is.
so lost, where are we all really.
what is this all in actuality.
this is reality

bursting forth
the sound of songs
melodious sonnet
I’m  no Shakespeare.
No, i’m really not anything
just keep working forward
but now it’s toward the song of dance

heart beats live
to the drums inside
here’s something to hear
menially, meaningless
but the vibrant chords sound.

And here’s to feeling again.


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