Reposted Poem: Hope



Hope is like a burning candle within
The slightest speck of dust may ignite
But, fan the flame and it might just scarf you alive.
Yet, when extinguished completely bare,
The darkness engulfs you with its stare.
Keep the light at just right
And you shall shine. everywhere.


3 thoughts on “Reposted Poem: Hope

    • ellenphant7 says:

      Well said! However, in this poem, I think I’m referencing a different aspect of hope than what you’ve described above. You’re absolutely correct in your comment, but what I’m describing is not necessarily the hope in God that I believe you are referring to. I checked out your blog and I read something along the lines of “hope is not blind optimism.” In the case of hope from God, I agree that it is an assurance and steadfast. Though this is true, the focus of my poem is more about the lesson of misplaced hope. Often times, we need to balance hope with reality and that’s what I’m trying to convey in my post. I think we’ve all experienced devastating disappointments in the past and slowly that eats away at our trust. Thus, it is necessary to hope, but with care. Thanks for your comment.I really appreciate your input.

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