Check Out These Cool Kids: AP IV Blog Prompt

Every person in my English IV Class has a blog. Here’s a few posts that I found either particularly interesting or insightful (I added a brief summary to each). The links below will lead you directly to the original blog post that I read, but feel free to explore the rest of their blog.


This blog post is about a tragic event that occurred on the author’s date of birth. The author describes the historical background of the mass suicide in Jonestown that happened to occur on the same date as his birthday.

Homework 8/31

In this blog post, the author describes her relationship with writing. She describes the occasional notes that she writes and the memorable times that some of them remind her of.

Confucius once said…

This blog post refers back to a ZenPencils comic that shows the progression of a person from his infancy to adulthood and his passion for drawing that follows his growth. The post itself describes the author’s personal dilemma with pinpointing a passion as well as what she wants to do with her life.


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