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Recently, there has been a major controversy following Kim Davis, a Kentucky County Clerk, and her actions. She denied a same-sex couple from licensing them a marriage certificate despite that same-sex marriage has been legalized by the federal government. Davis claims that issuing these marriage licenses conflict with her religious beliefs. Furthermore, her lawyers “said they’d file arguments to back up their appeal” (Payne & Eliis). Many of her supporter have rallied outside the prison where she is held. Despite her absence, deputies and the “Rowan County Clerk’s Office began [issuing licenses] the following day” (Payne & Ellis).

This article gives a fairly straightforward account of Kim Davis’s arrest: it does show a bias in describing how she’s acting very peacefully in jail. Unfortunately, the media coverage and discussion surrounding this controversy was not completely included in this article, I assume with the purpose of sticking as much to the story’s facts. I do know that much of the other information not disclosed in this article have played a major role in forming my personal opinion about this issue.

At first, I completely scoffed at this lady’s actions and did not support what she did whatsoever. In fact, I thought it was utterly absurd that this lady thought she could go against what is now the federal law. As if she has the power to control what the government has issued as legal. However, as someone that is living in a more conservative Christian household, discussion and disagreement arose about Kim Davis’s arrest. My parents gave me insight to the another viewpoint, and considered Kim Davis’s actions to be something to admire even though they knew she was at wrong with the federal law. They thought that she did an a more than brave thing for upholding her faith and morals of what was right. And, at the time, I was able to consider my parents’ opinion though I still did not agree.

After several weeks, various media coverage has influenced how I feel about this issue. Comments about how forcing Kim Davis to resign is wrong has arisen. Although I do understand the support, I believe that every job has certain aspects of it that are not always morally right, and it’s up to each individual to decide whether or not they want to take up that job. Obviously, now that same-sex marriage has been legalized, the people licensing must take that into consideration as another aspect of their job. If they so choose disagree, then they should seriously consider another job. I understand that people say she has the freedom to exercise her religion, but this is blatant discrimination. Yes, she does have the freedom to exercise her religion, but as soon as her rights begin to infringe on other peoples’ then there must be limitations set on her.

There are probably many other arguments that can fly around rooting for Kim Davis as well as against her. I think the key element to this controversial issue is that the resolution will set a precedent for how many other people will react in regards to same-sex marriage in relation to the government as well as society. This can certainly become an issue or solve problems: it just depends on your personal viewpoint.

Enjoy the crude meme below which indirectly addresses Kim Davis’s refusal.




  1. thetaradeleon says:

    I completely agree with your outlook on the different ways to view this controversial topic. Kim Davis does have the constitutional right to exercise her religion, however, she does not have the right to take away the rights of others. Just because she personally does not believe in same-sex union, that does not mean that she is supporting it by issuing out marriage licenses; that simply means she is doing her job. Like you said, if even that is something she cannot do, then consideration for a new job that does not go against her beliefs is the right thing for her to do.


    • ellenphant7 says:

      I’m glad that you were able to agree with several of the points I made. I’ve realized that a lot of people are going to continue to have various views and mine is just one small point, but it’s reassuring that there are still people who agree with the points I made. Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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