The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword: AP IV Blog Prompt

Discuss your writing life. I don’t mean the writing you’re assigned for school; what is your writing life besides the assignments you’re required to do for school? What do you write? Where do you write it? Do you share your writing with anyone? If so, who? Why do you write? What does writing do for you? Would you like to expand your writing life? If you could invest time in writing seriously on any subject or in any genre, what would you choose? Why?

Honestly, I’m not much of a writer. I think that’s probably fairly evident if you take a peek at the few posts on my blog. I don’t particularly enjoy writing short stories or narratives anymore. However, on occasion, I do like to post tidbits here and there. Primarily, I like to compose poems which are all usually posted to either this blog or my old blog. I enjoy blogging because I actually prefer that my writing is seen by strangers rather than people that I know in person; however, that’s not to say I mind people that I know looking at my work. I just feel like it’s a lot more liberating for strangers to comment or take in what I’ve written because I think people who you actually know tend to draw conclusions about poetry and your life based off of what you write, which isn’t to say that it’s completely incorrect, but personally, I prefer to just write whatever comes to mind. This means that what I write isn’t necessarily directed towards someone else or even correlates to my life even though often times that is the case. I feel a lot more pressure to write a certain way and the need to have to defend or explain my thoughts when I have a recognizable audience.

I’ve talked to various people who have all given me their personal opinion towards poetry. All of which appears to be negative. On the other hand, I absolutely love writing poetry, and I hope that this form of writing is never lost. Unfortunately, my sentiments don’t always apply towards reading poetry especially Old English sonnets.

I believe that poetry is an amazing emotional output and is able to convey a feeling or an idea into an art. In fact, it can be an extremely ugly or grotesque topic, but the way poems can carry a message, especially if it’s my personal message, is always quite beautiful. Poetry is one of the few things in my life that I don’t feel the great need to compare with others, and even when my mind automatically does a quick comparison, it’s very easy to remind myself that there’s so much creative energy put forth causing differences that can’t put any work on a scale with one being far more superior than the other. The vast amounts of poetry are all just so different. To compare a simplistic poem to an intricate one would do both an injustice.

Throughout these couple of years, I’ve definitely considered partaking in slam poetry. However, I know that I’m most definitely not the performer type. And, though I enjoy sharing my poetry, the priority in my purpose for writing any poem is for myself.  I write for relatability and understanding. I don’t think I’ve reached the point in my writing or the ability to overcome my stage fright where I would willingly publicly perform a piece. Then again, you never know, I may just find myself doing that sometime in the future, and it’ll be an interesting route to take my poetry down. However, for now, I’ll always enjoy jotting down a couple lines on paper or in this case, on my blog.


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