My Day. My Life: TIPS Tour


Last week, I got the chance to tour TIPS which stands for Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies. I know lots of people are completely against animal testing which is completely understandable. As an animal-lover myself, I dislike the thought of animals getting hurt; however, I also understand that as a researcher, preclinical studies are completely essential to the progress of any sort of medical development. Anyhow, please keep any negative or derogatory comments to yourself and enjoy this follow along with me through the following pictures!


This first room is where researchers stay whilst animals that are involved in their project undergo procedures in the OR (operating room). Since contamination could be extremely detrimental to the animal’s health and in turn, the progress of the project, any people that are not actually taking part in the procedure are kept in this conference room. The room is fully equipped with microphones and video cameras which allows researchers in the room to communicate with the doctors in the OR without the risk of contaminating. Also, there is a clear viewing window which has the ability to go completely opaque in the case where confidentiality of what occurs within the operating room must be kept.


Here’s a closer view through the viewing window of the operating room. Everything inside is kept on wheels to ensure easy mobility for before, after or during surgery.
Here’s another operatiimageng room. The yellow table is said to be able to hold up to 400 lbs! Also, these operating rooms allow MRI scans to be done without risk to those watching through the viewing window.


Above is a room that they use for animals that come from other people and not for their own clients. This room is separate from the halls where TIPS’s animals are housed in order to ensure that there is no possibility of outside animals contaminating TIPS’s animals. This allows other animals that are not from clients of TIPS to be treated; however, TIPS animals must undergo a quarantine of 14 days before being able to be housed with the other TIPS animals.


Down the hall contains all the animals treated at TIPS that belong to various companies or programs.

Below is where all the dirty laundry and equipment is cleaned.image


Here’s a ginormous scale used for the animals.



Then, there’s a room with lots of different equipment including oxygen tanks, and intubation materials. All of the equipment is very similar to those that are used for humans just some are on a much larger scale to match the stature of the animal.



The ICU for animals is where animals end up after they come out of the OR. The crash cart below is very similar to one found in a human hospital.image

Thanks for following me around on my TIPS tour! I got the chance to take this tour as part of working for the Biomedical Engineering department at Texas A&M. This is a really cool building where lots of amazing scientific discoveries are being made. If you want more information, feel free to click this link.


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